Park Home Roofing Repairs, Installations & Exterior Cladding

Stay dry and warm in your park home

The park home roof systems we install and maintain are very attractive and very affordable 'Decra' tiled roof systems. They're designed to be strong, well insulated and easy to fit onto existing or new roofing structures. All of our roof installations come with very generous warranties and we even have a number of different colour finishes to choose from.
We supply and fit timber Trusses onto existing roof structures 76mm x 25mm (3” x 2"), The Trusses are spaced at 460mm (18”) centres, and fitted to a minimum of 12.5 degrees. We lay high quality Fibreglass Insulation onto the existing roof and a high quality breathable roofing underlay, which is ultra violet and heat stabilised. 
Tanalised (treated) Battens, 38mm x 25mm. Gable ends to be constructed of 6mm exterior grade plywood, are sealed, primed and texture coated (from our extensive range of colours) and fitted with a 30mm bevelled edge drip rail. 
All Gable Ends are ventilated. We supply and fit a 203mm feature overhang to the front and back of homes, giving them a better appearance.
We supply and fit uPVC Barge boards and textured 9mm Fascia boards. We supply and fit new 100mm Hunter Square Flow Guttering and Down Pipes.
Lastly, we supply and fit DECRA roof tiles and accessories with pre-finished Barge Flashings and Ridge Caps in colours - Terracotta, Fern Green, Charcoal or Teak. Decra tiles come with a 30 year warranty, providing they are fitted by registered contractors (which Morrison Park Homes are).
All our installations have a pre-inspection/survey, thus giving your home a made-to-measure roof.


Morrison Park Homes offer a large range of park home exterior cladding, uPVC fascias, soffits and guttering for your roofline, that come with a 30 year free foam guarantee.
Leaky old gutters, roof linings and rotten wall cladding do worse than make your home look bad. They let unseen rot eat away at the structure of your roof and home. Before you know it, the damage can prove extensive – and expensive.

Never Re-paint – Never Repair

With Morrison Park Homes' roofline products, you avoid the need to paint or repair your roofline on the outside of your home, forever. Made of practically perfect uPVC our roofline never warps, cracks, peels, flakes or rots. It resists acids, alkalis, sea water, insects and pollution. Even in exposed locations, it keeps your home looking beautiful for years. Morrison Park Homes' roofline products are so easy to look after, they just wipe clean with hot, soapy water. Morrison Park Homes now offer a 30 year guarantee on all free foam products. For any more Information please contact Morrison Park Homes.

Whatever your park home needs, we deliver it across the UK

As well as putting a roof over your head, there are a number of things we can do to ensure that your park home is always in top shape.
Whatever you need, from replacement windows and doors, to insulation for your park home and refurbishing it inside and out, get in touch with Morrison Park Homes now. We're here to complete urgent repairs as well as minor improvements.